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Hva er nytt?  -  Oil and gas discovery close to the Fram field

Oil and gas discovery close to the Fram field

News release  | 05/05/2022

The first exploration well in PL 293 B, the 35/10-8S well made an oil and gas discovery close to the Fram Field.

INPEX Idemitsu Norge AS (“IIN”) (10 %) and partners Equinor Energy AS (Operator 51 %), DNO ASA (29 %) and Longboat Energy AS (10 %) have discovered oil and gas in the 35/10-8 S well on the Kveikje Main prospect located 15 kilometers west of the Fram Field.




IIN is very satisfied with the result of the Kveikje well, the first exploration well to have a discovery considered to be commercial in the Eocene in this part of the North Sea, in vicinity of the prolific Fram licenses. The Norwegian word “Kveikje” means revive or ignite, which is a suitable word for this discovery
Yuki Ikeda, Managing Director, INPEX Idemitsu Norge

This discovery adds to previous IIN exploration success in the Greater Fram area.

The primary target for the exploration well 35/10-8 S was to prove hydrocarbons in Eocene reservoir rocks of the Balder Fm (Rogaland Grp). Secondary targets were to prove hydrocarbons in Eocene reservoir rocks in the Frigg Fm equivalent (Hordaland Grp), Lista Fm (Rogaland Grp) and Upper Cretaceous Jorsalfare Fm (Shetland Grp).

The well 35/10-8 S encountered a 3 meter gas column in sandstone reservoir of good reservoir quality in the Frigg Fm equivalent. In the Balder Fm the well encountered an oil column of 23 meters, where 19 meters are in sandstone reservoir of good reservoir quality. No gas/oil or oil/water contact was encountered, but it is assumed that the hydrocarbons encountered in the Balder Fm and the Frigg Fm equivalent are in pressure communication. Preliminary estimation of the size of the discovery is between 4 and 8 million standard cubic meters (Sm3) recoverable oil equivalents. The license partners see the discovery as commercial and will evaluate development towards existing infrastructure.

In addition, 35/10-8 S encountered hydrocarbons in a 3 meter sandstone reservoir of the Lista Fm (Rogaland Grp) and indication of hydrocarbon filled sandstone stringers in the Jorsalfare Fm. These hydrocarbon bearing intervals are currently not evaluated to be commercial, but will be further evaluated.

The well was not formation tested, but an extensive data acquisition was performed in the Frigg Fm equivalent and Balder Fm. Due to challenges with the well integrity a full data acquisition in the lower part of the Rogaland Grp and Shetland Grp was not performed.

This is the first exploration well in production license 293 B, originally awarded in 2002.

35/10-8 S was drilled to a vertical depth of 2078 meters below sea level and a measured depth of 2119 meters. The well was terminated in the Upper Cretaceous Jorsalfare Fm.

The sea depth is 362 meters. The well is plugged and abandoned.

The well was drilled using the Deepsea Stavanger drilling facility.



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